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Regular deliveries from China, Korea and Japan

Lorus SCM offers container delivery from Asia-Pacific to the Volga region and central Russia.

We offer regular deliveries by rail and sea from leading carriers that guarantee on-time delivery at minimal costs.

We take care of all aspects of transportation, including customs clearance (the average estimated time to get customs declarations is 24 hours) and all

Have your cargo deliveredby an experienced and reliableoperator:
Transit time 4 week less
Fixed rates in RUR

Fast and affordable

We save you time and optimise your storage costs

Our time-based service scheme allows us to offer flexible schedules and customized solution to every client.

Affordable and reliable

We pick the best rates to save your money

Partnership with leading container and terminal operators allows us to offer our clients the best rates for all services. We finalize and fix all rates in roubles.


Flexible approach

Quality is guaranteed regardless of the size of your order

Our minimum order quantity is 1 container. We arrange door-to-door deliveries.