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4PL management

The Lorus SCM coordinates the activities of the outsourced logistical service providers (3PLs), thus integrating their capabilities into a unified system accomplishing a whole range of tasks with regard to the transportation planning and management, warehousing, order fulfillment, cargo handling, and return logistics.

The customers entrust the Lorus SCM (sole logistics service provider) with all the operations, as well as with the counseling, IS management, thus minimizing their own involvement in the operations, what allows them to concentrate on the key business functions.


  • Decrease in the volume of the supplies stocked, and in the volume of the stocks in transit;
  • Decrease in the amount of the capital associated within the stocks;
  • High level of readiness of the goods for delivery;
  • Reduction of the order lead time;
  • Improvement of the service quality.