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Finished vehicles logistics

Delivery of complete vehicles requires specific technical, commercial and managerial competence and solutions. Experience and knowledge of this business’s specificity (acquired through managing our own fleet of car transporters and vehicle carrying carriages) allow us to design optimal delivery schemes for complete vehicles, develop and implement effective logistics solutions which prove to be good value.


  • Comprehensive assessment of the Customer’s delivery chains’ efficiency; development of the optimal logistics solutions for the delivery of vehicles into the dealership network both within and outside the territory of Russia
  • Acceptance of vehicles from the manufacturers (releasing agent), certification, including the testing at the national test centers and abroad
  • Arrangement of the vehicle shipment with the aid of all types of the special-purpose machinery and equipment such as the Ro-Ro vessels, containers, rail car transporters, car carriers
  • Arrangement of the transshipment / warehousing of vehicles at the special-purpose sites in compliance with the quality standards and with the Customer’s individual demands
  • Quality audits / authorization of the special-purpose sites and terminals intended for the unloading, loading, acceptance, transfer and warehousing of the car stock
  • Arrangement of the claims processing with respect to the claims concerning the vehicle damages, i.e., claim settlement, indemnification (claim agent)